Friday, March 18, 2011

What you want to know?

When most people who know me find out I'm a vegan, they usually have one of three reactions.
1. So, what do you eat?
2. That must be why you're so healthy, thin, and cleansed.
3. I could never do that, I like cheese and/or white meat. How could you live without them?
4. Do you take vitamins? Isn't that unhealthy? What would you do if you had a baby?

I really try to keep what I eat my own business, but everyone is so curious. That's why I think I will write my first blog answering these questions in detail so, hopefully, people won't be so confused about me. I will try to be brief but it's a little hard to explain so expand your attention span a few minutes for me.

1. I eat whole grains, I don't exclude gluten, whole grains are wonderful calories from which the human digestive system is capable of extracting high-quality, long-lasting energy.

I try to eat organic, pesticides are toxic, industrial chemicals and I do not want to make my body have to deal with that. Genetically engineered foods have spliced and altered DNA, sometimes even cross-bred with animals. I do not find this practice safe for nature or ethical, and it involves animal cruelty. These crops also have a significantly lower nutritional value than organic, natural crops. To me, if I know I am getting a good, ethical, healthy product, paying a little extra is worth it. I know I am investing in the future of my health and saving myself from many chronic conditions and doctor's visits.

I eat nuts. Nuts are healthy, they have protein.

I cook. There is a lot of delicious, easy recipes that make vegan fun and tasty. Guac, soup, stew, salad, pasta, whatever you feel like. Some of the less-processed cheese and egg substitutes are fine for using in you regular recipes to make them vegan.

2. I drink a lot of water and tea. It's good to stay hydrated.

I sleep, 6-8 hours every day. Does the body good.

I don't harbor negative emotions. I don't hold grudges, talk out my problems, seek help from my friends. All of this helps me from being crazy and neglecting my mental and physical health. There is a connection between your body and your emotions, I don't blame it on my thyroid or on my genetics, I think that's bullshit.

I am active. i don't go to the gym a lot per se, but I walk, clean, carry stuff, go outside, bike, and do yoga. Staying active helps your body maintain muscles, improves circulation, and helps your mind function better. Remaining flexible and balanced helps you have endurance and look great. You don't need bells and whistles, trainers, machines, and memberships, just get off your butt and go!

I don't diet. I eat as much as I want. When I'm hungry, I stuff my face. I don't gain weight from it because it's healthy food.

3. What you eat is a habit and a decision. You have the choice to make it a conscious decision or an unconscious one. I am blessed to have the opportunity to choose what I eat and so are you, hopefully. There is always an adage I like to think of when making diet choices.
"You are what you eat?"
It's true. Do I want to be a rotting, burned carcass? No, thanks! Do I want to be stuffed with antibiotics like the cows from factory farms? I sure don't. Do I want to be fresh and colorful like fruits and veggies? Yes, count me in!

As humans, we are creatures of habit, good habits, bad habits, we make them with the people around us. Good news, we can always change our habits with a little awareness, heart, and effort.

4. LOL, ridiculous. No offense but if you ask me this I will judge you as ignorant. Here is why:
  At this point, big pharma, and the dairy and meat industry have probably brainwashed you pretty well, but I will try my best to explain this to you.
I am not bullshitting, my family and group of friends is full of doctors who totally back me up on this.
 I do not take vitamins. What I eat totally has enough vitamins. I have been eating this way for 4 years, I feel better than ever, so I would know. Spinach has more protein per gram than chicken. Colorful fruits and veggies carry all the vitamins and minerals you will ever need. Taking capsules of vitamins shuts down your body's natural ability to extract and produce these compounds. Trust your body, don't give it chemical shit. I have pretty much never eaten meat, except in my early teenage years, and I have never taken vitamins. I am a woman, I am 6ft tall, muscular, thin-looking, with no extra fat. Healthy nails, long hair, no acne, etc. Perfect blood tests come out of me. I am missing nothing.
I am healthy. I don't get sick often. I have no asthma, no allergies, no back pain, no migraines, no headaches.
If I was to have a baby, I would keep being vegan. It is actually safer for the baby not to have it exposed to the toxicity of store-bought milk in my blood, or the artery-clogging animal protein from meat. The only milk a human needs will come from a lady's boobs. It's true.

If you don't like these facts, I'm sorry to upset you, but it's the truth, I swear.

There you have it, hopefully that was sufficient for all you curious people. Keep on asking questions, all the time!